Monthly Archive: January 2005

Swedish Styling


Now that I’m in Sweden I think I should keep up better (ha) so ya’ll can figure out what i’m doing, etc.


Lund is so beautiful, it looks like something out of a movie from the middle ages or something, it’s got cobblestone streets and everyone has bikes to get around– in fact i had to buy a bike today so that I can get to and from my room which is about 4 km from the school. I have met some nice people and went with a bunch of the new international students to a bar last night which was a lot of fun. I am a little disappointed because i don’t have the internet in my room,but it’s ok i will just use it here at the school, so probably will be checking only once a day. I might have to buy a cell phone over here and use that to use a calling card. I don’t think it will be ridiculously expensive.

I have met Swedish and international people, from all over the place, including iceland, netherlands, czech republic, spain, canda and everywhere else. There is a lot of Swedish around, which is both interesting and frustrating, since I don’t understand it. But one good thing is that I am going to be in a swedish course this semester so hopefully I will learn some and pick some up. The atms and such are fine here so money is easy to access plus they accept visa. I met one really nice girl from Canada who I like and hope that I can become friends with, we went together to buy our bikes. Everybody is here alone so they are happy to make friends–and so am I! I have been trying to keep my spirits up here, it’s easy when with people but not so easy when alone, start feeling lonely then. My room is pretty big and I think I will like living there, it is all international students. Another cool thing is that a lot of people are here trying to improve their english so that is neat, all kinds of accents. It’s interesting too though because sometimes it is hard to talk to people who don’t speak really good english. The keyboard here is hard to use because it has a bunch of extra buttons like these öäå

Last night was fun, I ended up staying out really late. Luckily it was easy because of the jet lag i wasn’t tired this morning, woke up early naturally. It is cold here,but not ridiculously cold, i mean you need a jacket and probably hat and gloves, but it is nice. It’s fun to ride my bike, Luckily the town is pretty small, but much bigger than franklin street! The interesting thing is that all the bars are part of these things callled *nations* which are like fraternities except everyone can be in one, and they are student run and there are restaurants and bars inside and only students can get in, which makes going out great because there are definitely going to be fun and interesting people there.