Aphrodite: Snow Goddess

Our first big snowstorm: Finally, Sweden as it should be–cold and white! Unfortunately, thus far it has just been cold. Really, really cold.

In celebration of the icy sweetness, Dima, Marielle, Marion, Raluca, Diana, Astrid, Judith and others took liberties to fire snow cannons at one another in the winter wonderland. Unfortunately it still gets dark here in the middle of the day so it was dark. We then built the most ginormous snow lady you have ever even imagined. She was like 7 feet tall and stood far above all of our heads! It was great. It took a lot of creativity to figure out how to lug a 50-pound ball of ice onto a 100-pound ball of ice, but one broken chair and 20 sticks later, we found a way. The chair was reincarnated into arms for Aphrodite, anyway.

Ended up going to Smalands that night. It was fun, dancing, pretty good tunes. Anyway, have to publish before my computer dies. Paz.