Monthly Archive: March 2010

Peeps contest finalists

Video: Finalists in the Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest

Akira Hakuta created these videos about the five finalists in The Washington Post’s Peeps Diorama contest, which has some really creative entries this year. Videos feature The Mad Hatter, Korean War memorial, the movie Up, and “Goodnight Peeps.” I created the player, which is almost exactly the same as the Scene In player. Noel Smart designed the logo treatment.

New county map: Ultra-high Medicare Billing Rates

Billing Medicare at the highest rates

I re-purposed the unemployment map for this story about ultra-high billing rates at skilled nursing facilities in the U.S. It shows where facilities are billing ultra-high rates. The Washington Post found that nursing homes have flooded ‘ultra-high’ billing categories with patients, and the amount of waste and abuse could reach billions of dollars a year. Check out the graphic or read the story by Scott Higham and Dan Keating.

New project: Graphic explains the search for a serial rapist

Rapist's trail spans four states, 13 years

I worked on this graphic with reporters Josh White and Maria Glod, who collected an incredible amount of information on the East Coast Rapist, a man who has been on the loose for 13 years and is a suspect in 17 cases. For this important story, I organized the data that Josh and Maria collected into an easy-to-use interface that had the details of each case, including a small photo gallery, a google map, a quote and all the case information. I built an interface that drew connections between the cases and allowed people to sort the cases by date, location, existence of dna samples, and the weapon used. It also featured a map interface, a gallery and a video. Keep reading this post »